She’s not quite a mermaid, but she has risen from the sea wearing her gown of sea foam and waves. Sing your sea chanty as you angle to capture this elusive beauty.  She’s 8″ X 10″ framed with a 2.25″ wide beveled molding surrounding her.


  • This is an ORIGINAL oil painting, painted on board.
  • The frame is an attractive 2.25″ silver leaf frame.
  • Please note that image shown is a non-professional photograph of the work and does not show it to its best advantage. [It appears skewed, but it is not! It is a silver leaf frame, but appears as gold.]
  • Framed work is sold as-is. Framing substitutions will be made at an additional cost. If you wish to change a frame, ask when you place your order and we’ll get back to you with options and prices.